Clausohm-Software is your partner for database development, mapping of business processes and e-commerce

Manual data entry?

Is there still data in your business that needs to be manually entered into the system, or processes that require printing documents? That costs unnecessary time and money.

Growing system landscape?

Due to a growing system landscape in your company, interfaces are missing that could considerably simplify processes. However, do your own IT staff have the time or the know-how to develop such interfaces themselves?

Long response times for database queries?

Your customers have the opportunity to place search queries in your database. But do long response times lead to high bounce rates?

We execute complex IT projects

Together we plan and implement complex IT projects. Our goal is to optimize your processes so that „Island“ solutions are avoided and integrated end-to-end processes are targeted from the outset. We strive to find the optimal individual solution for every problem.

We like to stay ahead of the game. We work with the most modern technologies (Oracle, Elastic Search, Kubernetes) and the latest standards (SCRUM and Agile). Comprehensive project management and the principles of continuous integration and automated testing also ensure the quality of our solutions.

As a long-term partner and service provider, we are committed to assisting you in your development. Our software is designed to help you become faster, more agile, and more innovative so you can explore new perspectives for your products, services, and customers.

Our high-performance search engine InMemory

Our high-performance search engine InMemory allows you to process large amounts of data much faster than conventional databases. Complex mathematical algorithms and multidimensional queries only read the information that is highly relevant. Thus, the response time on web-based search portals can be significantly reduced.

Based on the InMemory search engine, we have created a complex e-business solution for VW Group. It serves the presentation, administration and distribution of vehicles. As a result, VW was able to build up a sales platform for its own dealers and, concurrently develop a new sales channel for used and new cars.

Our Software features

  • Web-based vehicle management tools and associated vehicle images
  • Online shopping systems in the B2B area
  • Use of state-of-the-art technologies for presentations on the internet
  • Import, export and conversion of vehicle data
  • Data provision for manufacturer-independent vehicle exchanges, such as Mobile, Autoscout24
  • Deployment and use of web services in distributed infrastructures (MQ-Series)
  • Data management based on Oracle databases
  • Statistical applications for the efficient support of the marketing process, such as cost accounting, service life and price analyzes
"The excellent know-how, expertise and great cooperation of Clausohm employees has been a major support for us handling Audi´s requirements for our used car retail online application."
Audi AG

Technical innovation is our passion, so your business can unfold it's potential.

Michael Clausohm

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