We combine control technology, e-construction and control cabinet construction and set new standards for manufacturing processes.

We plan and assemble control cabinets and program the corresponding control systems.

Our company has an experienced team which works in a resourceful and flexible way. Cabinets are constructed at our headquarters in Neverin. The assembly, installation and commissioning, of course, take place on site. Thus, we achieve a favorable price-performance ratio for you and you get everything from one source.

Our services

  • Competent expert advice, construction and machine assembly on site
  • Selection and design of components - We select the right components for your requirements. From the terminal to the drive components for your motor, we design the electrical appliances to match.
  • Measurement technology, sensors, switching devices, monitoring devices and automation systems
  • Taking into account the quantity of your drives and consumers, we determine the required connection value and the size of the switchgear. We do not lose sight of the resulting thermal heat load and offer the correct cooling of the control cabinet.
  • Test and measurement protocols
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Assembly and installation - We also offer the right installation for your control cabinet. Whether machine control or system control, we are happy to help.
  • Hazardous area - All work can be carried out by our trained personnel in hazardous areas.

Talk to our experts

Heiner Clausohm

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