Student internship wanted? We support your career orientation

15.12.2017 14:22

If you would like to use your student internship to obtain insights into software development, we can assist you. From simple web design with HTML and CSS to the programming of your first game you can learn a lot from us.

Here you don’t sit on the sidelines, do filing or cook coffee. You are part of the team and have a mentor who will provide help and advice for the entire period.

Human resources development: It all depends on the staff

16.11.2017 16:19

As a modern company, we regularly offer our employees training courses in the field of software development. A training session on “clean code + refactoring” was held on 02 & 03 November 2017 with the external coach John Boyd-Rainey.

For the coming months we are planning further interesting training courses. And as always we will be openminded about the wishes and ideas of our employees, because after all, it depends on them.

Our new image film is online!

22.09.2017 14:32

A big thank you goes to the film team of the neueins GmbH for the fantastic realization of our new image film and to our employees for the great cooperation. Take a few minutes and learn more about Clausohm-Software GmbH!

Visit us on YouTube: www.youtube.com

We get a new image film!

08.08.2017 11:46

The film team of the neueins was in Neverin for one day and accompanied our colleague Carina Clausohm in her daily work. From the arrival to the office until the evening at the local lake - the new film will show that we not only work well, but also live well.

We look forward to the finished film!

We are all in the same dragon boat

05.07.2017 15:02

This year's company celebration took place under the motto "We are all in the same dragon boat". In addition to the sporting activity the fun did not come short. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our guests and staff for the exciting day. A special thank you goes to our organization team for the great planning and implementation.